Volume 28 - Issue 1 - January 2018

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CornerStone Art Center
Whiting, Indiana


The basis of all art is the line. It is the primary means of expression - a straight line, a curved line, lines at various angles or intersecting lines.

Lines can be used to create various shapes or simply treated as an independent form in the creation of an artwork. Much art begins as an abstract work with the drawing of lines that later become forms, whether abstract or realistic.

Looking At Abstract Art

One way of looking at abstract art is to stand on your head and view the piece upside down.

It is not the idea this makes more sense, it is simply a response to those who say "we don't understand what the artist is saying."

Many abstact artists in creating a specific work are trying to evoke an emotion from the viewer.

A new persprective or a different point of reference may help get the viewers invovled with the work. Though standing on your head may not be desirable, it suggest one take a differnt approach to abstract art.

The First Woman